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Susha's Art

Everything you see here is original art done by me, and you can buy it! MESSAGE ME ON MY MAIN BLOG if you're interested in either a piece you see here, or if you want to commission something of your own (im a starving artist so this helps)

also if you follow this blog i garantee i'll follow you back next time i log on



Quick acrylic sketch of a lily pond for my grandpa

Picture I had in my head while listening to Nick Jonas’s Chains

Commission for princessphantom

Another doodle I did with ballpoint pen and crayons

Doodle with pen and crayon

I was kinda depressed last night so I drew this

I’ve had this idea for a while now…the eyelashes are feathers I stuck through the canvas, and the accents are rhinestones

"Head Full of Flowers"
Acrylic paint on canvas, with flowers stuck through for the head

Compilation of my Mental Illness series

Commission for curtis-ballard
Girl on beach at sunset
Acrylic paint on 16”x24” canvas
6 hours

Commission of Miss Piggy as Snow White
Acrylic on 16”x24” canvas
~8 hours

commission for titachi

message me if you want a tote!